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Fill Your Cup First

I work with couples all day long. And the main complaint from both the men and women is that they don’t feel loved or valued in the relationship by the other. But we really need to start looking at this problem from a different perspective. Why is it someone else’s responsibility to make you feel
Relationships can only thrive when both parties have done their inner work of healing.  This consist of identifying the wounds that have been caused by past hurts. In addition, it includes overcoming those things you may be struggling with such as fear, anger, jealousy, control, rejection, pride just to name a few.  The root of

See Beyond What You See

What appears to be may not be what is. We are in an era where we can no longer take things by face value.  In a world of reality, we seek to live more in a fantasy. Seduced by the roles we take on and those of others can be quite fun.  But what happens

Love Competition

If unhealthy competition arises in a relationship, it’s no longer a partnership, it’s a rivalry.  The dynamic of the relationship becomes rooted in fear, pride, envy and selfishness.  But if the relationship is based on friendship first, your main goal is to treat your friend well.  There is no agenda to inflict pain. Only the